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Decision support software for everyday people - Decision Oven

Decision support for everyday people

If you ever felt lost while pondering different options desperately wanting to choose the best one, this software could be just what you need. By user interface designed for ordinary humans, let our software do the underlying math and present you with best alternative that suits your needs.

Free beta available for download

Download free beta of this decision support system

What decisions it can be used for?

This is a decision support software for everyday people. Existing decision support systems are targeted to large corporations and most of them solve specific problems.

You can use it to support everyday personal or business decisions:

How does it work?

Decision Oven screenshot

It's rather simple:

Step 1. Enter criteria, importance and needs

Step 2. Enter alternatives that you are thinking about

Step 3. See rankings and choose a best option

Benefits of mathematical decision making

Free beta available for download

Download free beta

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