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Decision Oven Questions and Answers

How to use Decision Oven?

You need to define criteria that affect your decision. For example, if you want to decide which car to buy, criteria would be: economy, comfort, power, number of doors, length, weight, cargo size, etc. Also, for each criterion you should adjust importance weights. As you know, not every criterion is equally important for different people.

Next, on the second tab, you enter options and values for each criterion: value, subjective score (if criterion is not easily measurable) or Yes/No value.

At the end, on the third tab, you can see rankings for each option and, if needed, sort table by any of criteria. Numbers are green for best and red for worst scores in the current set.

Is Decision Oven free?

It will be free while in beta. We still haven't decided in what direction it will go after that.

What methodology is used to calculate scores?

It's basically a so called decision matrix.

How can I uninstall this software?

Please see instructions.

How can I contact you?

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